Saturday, 18 June 2016

Like many other mummy’s and daddy’s who are woken up at the crack of dawn by their little ones, I have a slight…well, major coffee addiction. Even though my son is two and a half, I am still woken up many nights by Leo yelling “my moooooouuuuussseeeee” or “Mummy!! My sunglasses!”. I always throw myself out of bed and across the hall so fast that I give myself an instant head ache. I feel groggy and zombie like in the morning’s until I have had my morning cup of coffee. Once I have rushed Leo and I out the door in the morning and we have spent three hours at a play group running wild, singing and jumping around and of course fighting with other strong willed toddlers for one out of a million identical cars…we are both exceptionally exhausted.

We have quite a few coffee shops on our way back from most play groups or nursery and I tend to feel overly drawn towards the smell of coffee as I walk past. I have just gotta have ooooooone more cup. This little to go cup is heaven. It looks lovely and a little dainty compared to most “travel mugs”, with the cork detailing so you don’t scorch your hand, it is the perfect size for a small coffee and better yet it lessens the guilt I feel about having my second coffee of the day.

The Problem with to-go Coffee’s is that Coffee cups are not recyclable, no matter which bin you put them in due to the polyethylene plastic which keeps the paper cup intact. This is true for every company selling to-go Coffees unless specifically stated compostable on their to-go cups. Compostable products are available, but they do come with ecological costs of their own. Coffee shops should take responsibility and offer a to-go option which is less harmful to the earth, but it is not up to them alone. You can go one step further by buying your own reusable coffee cup and carrying it with you wherever you go.

Keep Cup’s new glass coffee cup is by far the prettiest and most useful I have found. She has been dropped twice and I have yet to break her (*knocks on wood*) To-go coffee cups tend to spill everywhere especially if I am trying to push my surprisingly heavy pram, one handed whilst attempting to casually take a sip of coffee. I have had far less embarrassing and awkward coffee dribble moments since being gifted this lovely cup by my much greener, Eco- friendly sister.

It’s not enough to prepare our children for the future. We have to prepare the future for our children.

There are going to be so many changes in the world while our children grow up, I'm sure many of them will completely shock us, just like the changes which have occured since my birth shocked my parents. We will be left feeling older than our years, reminiscing on the times that we had to carry countless heavy text books to and from school and of poured over books in libraries.

As much as some of the advances that will occur in my son's lifetime, the worry and sadness I feel about those does not even compare to how I feel about our planet decomposing in front of my child's eyes. I want Leo to have the most vibrant and joyful life a person could ever have, but the world still needs to be intact for him to do that. I am going to start doing my part where I can, starting with this cup to home my coffee in.

You can find one of these cups for yourself on Keep Cup's Website here: http://www.keepcup.com/


  1. Much agreed! I always feel awful when I don't have my to go cup with me and decide to stop for a coffee!

  2. Yes! Its very sad that it's not mandatory for all to-go cups at coffee shops to be biodegradable and eco-friendly. So much garbage on a DAILY basis. I love your to-go cup, I want one!

  3. You're absolutely right, if everyone does their part imagine the difference that can be msfe

  4. You're absolutely right, if everyone does their part imagine the difference that can be msfe

  5. Great post! And I totally agree with you. If we want to see change-- it must start with us first! I don't drink coffee, I'm a tea drinker but I think everyone should buy reusable tea and coffee cups!